Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year. This letter is designed to share some of the disciplinary changes that have been required by House Bill 1541 and share additional resources with you so that you may be aware of some changes.

In a broad overview, the State of Washington began the process of looking at student discipline data several years ago. In their research, they found that some groups of students were more likely to be suspended than others. In order to ensure school discipline policies were fair across the state, districts are being asked to take a more preventative approach.

The State’s preventative approach includes early family engagement, student protections, best practices and educational services. In short, the intent is to keep more students in school with fewer suspensions, use of more interventions prior to suspension and more work with the individuals to get at the root cause of behaviors.

Attached, please find the State’s documents describing the disciplinary changes. The documents are, “Student Discipline Rules” and “Discipline in Schools: A Parent Guide”. Additional resources can also be found on OSPI’s website:

Stanwood-Camano has up-dated the Student Discipline Policy and Procedures 3241 to align with the rules and regulations. These may be found on the Stanwood-Camano website at:

For more information about the disciplinary changes please contact, Dr. Lloy Schaaf [email protected] or (360) 629-1237.

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Discipline in Schools.pdf